Huks Fluks

Huks Fluks, an oldie but goldie for many locals, with the best sun spot in town, this spacious restaurant full of history and iconic details has been a favourite meeting point over the years. However, it was time for change and our mission was to give the restaurant a complete overhaul by implementing new functions and different types of seating areas in the space. 

We chose a bold colour scheme for the walls, eye catching light fixtures and focused on using different materials to create a perfect blend of contrasts throughout. Using tiles, drapes, and customized furniture, we wanted to make this space relaxed and cosy with a unique eclectic vibe. It’s down to the small details with plants and wall decorations that when combined, give a southern bohemian atmosphere. The spot where you can drop by for a glass of wine, take a long lunch in the sun outside or enjoy a private dinner in the heart of Copenhagen in a house full of history but with a modern upgrade.

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Vinbaren-huksfluks-københavn (2).jpeg