About US


All That Matters is a niche design studio with more than 100 projects spanning Denmark, New York and Shanghai. We design across a broad range of interiors for hospitality and leisure, retail, hotel, workplaces, as well as dappling in decor and styling. 

We work closely with our clients and enjoy strengthening such relationships to build on new projects. As a team, we represent more than 30 years of interior experience. Collectively we are passionate about design and delivering a comprehensive and enhanced interior extending beyond the tangible. 


We provide concept design and creative direction through design development services right ending with implementation; from brick to mortar, a combined end to end service. 

All That Matters proudly collaborates with leading players such as architects, agencies, hoteliers, restauranteurs to design spaces producing functional and individual results relevant to context. 





We inspire our clients by bringing our explorative and curious minds to each project. A commitment to deliver opportunities for the unexpected.


‘Good design is honest’, Designer Dieter Rams once said. We play in the realm of the thoughtful, where spaces connect with those using them, evoking a design story. 



Designs speak to the realistic, the functional. We develop spaces highly relevant to their end-use and context. A successful interior is determined by the way it works.


We begin by understanding you; our client, and the end user. A process of idea sharing and collaboration to align our thinking. We determine function, with aesthetics to provide tailored design solutions.



We’re passionate about cutting-edge design and deeply researched material. Our results are cultivated around such integrity and design knowledge.

Design DNA

As designers, we curate your ideas and grow your vision into a creative and thoughtful design DNA, unique to your project. With the right solution and aesthetic, we work with you to develop this into a space.



Concept DESIGN

We offer services in the initial concept phase leading to an understanding of our client's needs for the project. This is a strong phase covering initial ideas, intent and the all important design DNA.


Here we work on the finalised space planning, documenting initial ideas into relevant sketch plans, lighting and finishes packages. This is where the space begins to take shape.


Offering design and build-ability technical documentation. We enjoy taking our designs to new heights with custom joinery and involvement in the construction process. Here we also schedule finishes, fixtures and furniture.


Once the project is in construction we offer advice and support to the end with both the client and on-board contractors. We take you from start to finish.

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